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Shipping Services Overview

At Moreta Shipping, we always strive to provide the most professional cargo services to meet your needs. We are pleased to introduce to you our range of cargo products.

 Cargo Types Accepted
Rolling Cargoes
Rolling Cargoes are loaded inside container vans and lashing belts are used to secure the vehicles to ensure safety.
Oversized Trucks
For rolling cargoes like oversized trucks that cannot fit inside containers, they are loaded onboard the ship and properly secured on deck. Designated areas are allocated for these trucks to ensure proper stowage.
Heavy Equipment
Super Heavy Equipment are loaded onboard and safely secured with portable cargo securing devices.
Reefer Vans
Moreta Vessels can carry both 220V and 440V Refrigerated Reefer Vans. Thanks to its Fix Sailing Days and short transit time, refrigerated cargoes are transported efficiently and with no long wait.
Container Vans
Moreta vessels can carry containers of various sizes and types namely 10 footers, 20 footers, 40 footers and flat racks to cater to the different needs of the shipper. Containers are new and are well maintained.

 Cargo Safety

Moreta puts ship and cargo safety as a priority. It utilizes cargo securing devices to ensure cargoes are propery lashed and secured onboard.


MORETA SHIPPING LINES ships your cargo with safety in mind. MORETA’s vessels utilize, fix and portable cargo securing devices to ensure cargoes are secured after they are loaded on the ship.

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